Today, I wanted to tell you guys about one of my new favorite spots in town!

The Mayobird Charlotte NC Restaurant ReviewA few weekends ago, Jonathan and I met my sister and her family at The Mayobird in Dilworth. If you’re a Charlottean, The Mayobird is on East Boulevard where the Caribou Coffee used to be. The Mayobird Charlotte NC Restaurant ReviewInside, you’ll find a cozy atmosphere that is part coffee shop, part restaurant. The Mayobird is most well known for The World Famous Chicken Roll as seen on Food Network, but every thing on the menu is homemade and wonderful! DSC_0142The Mayobird boasts over 15 different types of chicken salad (get it… mayobird… chicken salad…), like The Blue Bird with blue cheese and walnuts, The Loaded with bacon, sour cream, chives, and cheddar, and The Harvest with apples, grapes, and pecans. You pick what type of chicken salad you want and then choose if you’d like it on a salad, on a sandwich, as a melt, with a cup of soup, etc… They also serve a variety of breakfast items like quiche, french toast, and mini biscuits. The Mayobird Charlotte NC Restaurant ReviewI loved all of the rustic and industrial mismatched decor and would love to settle in to one of the seating areas with a good book and a cup of coffee! The Starbucks up the street better watch out because The Mayobird could easily take over as the coolest coffee shop in the neighborhood.
The Mayobird Charlotte NC Restaurant ReviewThe Mayobird Charlotte NC Restaurant ReviewThe Mayobird Charlotte NC Restaurant ReviewFor lunch, I had The Mayobird Of The Month – chicken salad with bacon and ranch dressing – in melt form on a croissant. Housemade pita chips on the side. Go big or go home, right? My sister ordered a scoop of The Italian – chicken salad with pesto and sundried tomatoes – on top of a salad and it was incredible!The Mayobird Charlotte NC Restaurant ReviewThe Mayobird Charlotte NC Restaurant ReviewNot only do they do breakfast and lunch, The Mayobird also has a great coffee and dessert bar. Jonathan and I shared a small package of the the red velvet oreo truffles and they were melt-in-your-mouth wonderful! The Mayobird Charlotte NC Restaurant ReviewThe Mayobird Charlotte NC Restaurant ReviewThe Mayobird Charlotte NC Restaurant ReviewI’m so glad that The Mayobird has found a home in Charlotte and I know I’ll be spending plenty of time here in the future!


Rough week over here, peeps. I got struck with the stomach bug on Monday afternoon and today is the first day that I’ve eaten an actual meal. By “actual meal” I mean half a banana and an Eggo waffle. Back to the land of the living now, so I’m scrambling to put this Friday Five post together because they’re my favorite.

1. What I’m Watching:

How To Get Away With Murder

During my many hours on the couch this week (where am I? what day is it?), I started watching How To Get Away With Murder. I like it but I’m not omgsoobsessed with it. I’d give it a solid B-. Any fans out there?

Mostly I’m disappointed that Scandal wasn’t on last night.

2. What I’m Reading:

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

Started a new book this week in my Small Group, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. I’m only two chapters in but so far, so good. It’s all about finding intimacy with God during the business of life, which is something we all need help with, I’m sure.

3. What I’m Confused About:

HELP ME! I don’t know how this dress went viral so quickly, but darn it’s got me worked up. When you look at this dress, what color do you see?

The Dress

Last night I swore up and down it was gold and white. This morning when I looked at it it was black and blue! Then later in the morning I looked again and it was back to white and gold. I’m genuinely so confused. I understand that the actual dress is black and blue, but why do some of us see it that way while others see it as being white and gold? How did it change for me? DO ALL OF US SEE ALL COLORS DIFFERENTLY?! Nothing makes sense anymore.

4. What I’m Making:

ginny lou calligraphy pregnancy announcement

I don’t know the first thing about photography, so I always enjoy seeing professional photos of my work. My sister’s friend Katie commissioned me to make an “Oh Baby!” sign to announce her pregnancy. Didn’t her announcement photo turn out so cute? Picture by Melissa Joy Photography.

5. What I’m Giving Away:

The winner of the Bunny Slippers Giveaway is…

bunny slippers giveaway winner

KATHLEEN! Yay! Kathleen, I’ll send you an email to get your shipping address. :)

Have a great weekend and if you live in Charlotte, take advantage of a $1 class and go to AIR this weekend. Then you can win yourself a free month of classes!

I need you to tell me…

What color is the darn dress?!?!?!


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably been able to gather that aerial fitness is my latest obsession. I discovered this new-to-me work out thanks to ClassPass, and I haven’t been able to stop! I liked the classes that I tried so much, I bought a 3-month unlimited package to AIR Charlotte. I’ve had a few friends ask about aerial fitness, so I thought it would be fun to put together a little blog post!

7 Things You Should Know Before Your First Aerial Fitness Class

Below you’ll find a short interview that I did with Kerri Flannigan, owner and operator of AIR Charlotte. Kerri is an awesome instructor and has made me feel welcome at AIR Charlotte since day one. The best part of this blog post is that Kerri generously offered to give away a month of free classes to one Meet Virginia reader! More on that below.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your fitness background. How did you get into aerial fitness?

I grew up playing sports (basketball, lacrosse, snowboarding mostly). As a Division II college athlete I was working out to improve my game, and that slowly grew into coaching. I coached youth and high school lacrosse for about 3 years after graduating college, and a big part of that was planning team workouts. I got my group fitness and personal training certification and started teaching spin, strength and cardio training classes, as well as barre. AIR® became a hobby while working at Flex+Fit in Uptown Charlotte. I helped with the development of our AIR® training program, became certified, and needless to say fell in love with the workout!

2. Okay, break it down for us. What exactly is aerial fitness?

Aerial Fitness is an intense aerial training program fusing the principles of yoga, ballet barre, pilates, and high intensity interval training with the use of silk hammocks. By literally elevating your exercises, you incorporate a lot more balance and core work into your standard movements. The majority of our exercises force you to use both upper body and lower body, as well your core simultaneously which makes for a very effective, tiring 50 minute class. We fatigue the muscles to exhaustion, then stretch them out while warm, creating a long, lean physique in record breaking time.

3. What makes AIR different from other aerial fitness studios?

AIR® focuses on the fitness side of aerial, with tricks as an added bonus. We incorporate cardio bursts to boost your heart rate in between small isometric movements. It’s a method that incorporates all the best workouts out there, adding more variety to the exercises with the hammocks. It’s effective and fun, making it something clients look forward to instead of dread. In addition, we pride ourselves in excellent customer service making everyone feel welcome from the moment they step in the door. 

4. What should you wear to AIR? Is there anything you need to bring with you?

We recommend wearing tighter fitting clothing, and pants (or capris) over shorts. Having a layer between your skin and the fabric is the key to comfort, and will help alleviate additional rubbing or pinching of the fabric. Class is barefoot, and we supply mats so all you need to bring is a water bottle and a towel.

5. What should you expect from a typical class?

A lot of clients mistake us for aerial yoga, so I love answering this question. Clients can expect to sweat, shake, flip upside at least once (optional) and walk away with limbs feeling like jello, and wanting more. Class starts with a brief introduction and warm up stretch followed by some core and plank work. Classes will vary per instructor, but every class will incorporate cardio, strength and barre exercises and a lot of core.

6. How often do you recommend making AIR part of your weekly exercise schedule? With this type of commitment, what kind of changes can people expect to see in their bodies? What other benefits might folks experience?

Now that we’ve added our Pilates Pro, Barre Strength and AIR® Restore classes, clients can actually attend a class every the day of the week with a nice balance in workouts. There’s no need for 2-3 different studio memberships. We recommend 3-4 AIR® classes per week for about a month to see fast results. Results include a stronger, leaner physique and increased flexibility. The most consistent feedback from clients is loss of inches around the waist, with a more defined abdominal section and looser fitting clothes! Clients can also expect to feel more confident, have more energy, and continue to look forward to their workout and meeting other like minded clients in the AIR® community.

7. Any other tips for first-timers?

Definitely arrive 15 minutes early for your first class. This allows the instructor some one on one time with first time clients to show them a few basic movements and help them feel more comfortable using the fabric. Make sure you’re hydrated and well nourished, this helps avoid nausea during/after the workout. Contact Kerri with any questions!

Win one month of unlimited aerial fitness classes at Air Charlotte

So, are you intrigued? If so, I’d LOVE for you to come hang with me at AIR Charlotte. Like I  mentioned above, I’m giving away one month of unlimited classes! That’s a $175 value!

Here’s how to enter:

Give class a try and share a photo of yourself at AIR Charlotte on Instagram. You can sign up online, and use the coupon code AIRCHARLOTTE to try a class for just one dollar! Snap a photo before or after class, share it on Instagram, and tag me (@lvunderw) and AIR Charlotte (@airfitcharlotte). Boom! You’ll be entered. If your Instagram account is private, please leave a comment here letting me know that you’ve entered.

Giveaway will be open for two weeks, closing at midnight on March 11th. I hope you give it a try!



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