Well, I didn’t think I’d be blogging any more before the wedding, but we got some very exciting news this week and I wanted to share! WE GOT OUR PERMIT THIS WEEK! Our contractor told us that once the permit was submitted it should only take about 48 hours for approval, but it ended up taking about 3.5 weeks. Yikes. Apparently lots of people in Charlotte have renovation projects on their minds!

There has been lots of progress in the last few days so I wanted to document before it changes too much. I  can’t wait to see what it looks like when we get back from our honeymoon at the end of the month!

Good bye yucky plastic siding!


Den before…
DSC_0075Den currently:DSC_0005 DSC_0007The wall above won’t be completely gone like it is right now, but will be more of a half wall, helping to make the “old house” and “new house” feel like one cohesive home.

Pantry before…DSC_0035Pantry currently:DSC_0009Kitchen before…DSC_0032Kitchen currently:DSC_0041 DSC_0044DSC_0016

The kitchen is by far the biggest renovation we are doing and probably the one I am most excited about. I can’t wait for it to be open, light, and airy! The big pipes came out of that little half wall today, so hopefully it will be gone completely in the next couple of days.

The original back of the house. I kind of like those diagonal boards.
DSC_0018Family room (one corner) before…DSC_0038Family room currently:DSC_0021DSC_0020DSC_0030

If you are wondering about the complete lack of roof over the family room, it was removed because we are adding an addition! It will just be a second floor that goes directly above the family room addition. It will be a master bedroom, master bath, laundry room, and small guest room. Kind of crazy!
Downstairs bathroom before…Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 4.12.00 PM

Downstairs bathroom currently:DSC_0022DSC_0026DSC_0024Good thing we were planning on replacing that vanity anyway…DSC_0025Thanks, but no thanks.DSC_0023DSC_0045Upstairs bathroom before…DSC_0086Upstairs bathroom currently:DSC_0037DSC_0034Jonathan took the old plaster ceiling down in the upstairs bathroom this week. The tub was also moved, but it is an old cast iron bath tub and it weighs about a million pounds, so good luck to whoever gets that sucker out of the house. Whew, that is all for now. See you guys after the HONEYMOON!



I’m so sorry to let yet ANOTHER Wednesday pass us by without an update on the Beck Bungalow. The truth is, there just hasn’t been any progress! Well, that’s not entirely true. We did have some new electrical switches and plugs installed, but I didn’t think that was important enough for it’s own post. We are currently playing a waiting game with the City of Charlotte, just twiddling our thumbs as our contractor waits for the project permit to be approved. He applied three weeks ago, but last we heard, there are still SEVENTY cases ahead of ours for review. Sigh…

However, lest you think we are sitting around with nothing to do, let me remind you that we are getting married in 1.5 short weeks! I’ll keep it real and tell you that I have not over-the-top-loved wedding planning like some girls do (more on this later), but I have loved being engaged to Jonathan. It has been such a sweet season of life as we prepare for our future together, and there have been so many occasions to be surrounded by family and friends that love us so well. Here are just a few of those occasions:

Bridal Shower in Winston-Salem

DSC_0024DSC_0050DSC_0060DSC_0056DSC_0063DSC_0068DSC_0074My best friend and maid of honor, Sally, threw me a beautiful bridal shower in Winston-Salem along with her mom Suzanne and my mom’s friend, Melanie. Sally put together a fun game and it was simply so wonderful to have all of my best girlfriends from all walks of life all together under one roof!

Bridal Shower in Durham



Jonathan’s sisters, his Aunt Nancy, and several of my future-MIL’s girlfriends threw me a wonderful bridal shower at Allison’s house in Durham. The food spread was delicious and the flowers were absolutely gorgeous. Aunt Nancy made an almond pound cake and it was by far the best cake I’ve ever put in my mouth! It was great to meet so many ladies who have known and loved Jonathan since he was just a little boy.

Bachelorette Weekend at Ocean Isle Beach


The family that I nanny for was incredibly kind and offered to let my bridesmaids and I stay at their beach house at Ocean Isle for my bachelorette party! My sister was absolutely amazing and planned a wonderful weekend complete with a fondue dinner, lingerie party, and a refrigerator stocked with all my favorite foods! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great – Tropical Storm Anna blew through while we were there – but I had the best time having all of my favorite ladies in one place.

This will probably be my last blog post until after the wedding, so I’ll catch ya at the end of the month!


Apologies for missing the weekly house update last week! To be honest, I didn’t post because we didn’t accomplish anything! The previous weekend I went to visit my friend Taylor in D.C., and Jonathan went to The Masters, so we kind of took a week off. No worries because I am back with lots to share!

1. Construction Materials

We are officially no longer independent workers! We are working with a local contractor to help us take on the renovation projects that are out of our league. This means we now have a permit sign in the yard (still waiting on the actual permit), a port-a-john, and a big rollaway dumpster. We are feeling legit!

DSC_0001 DSC_0026 DSC_0021

2. Farewell Fans!


Jonathan’s parents came to town again this weekend to help with some house things. We truly could not do this without them! One small task we accomplished over the weekend – taking down all of the old ceiling fans. Hopefully we’ll be able to sell them!

3. The Last Of The Popcorn


After our painter sanded away the popcorn ceilings, there was still a thick layer of paper remaining. Some folks said it was wallpaper, while others thought it was just a sticky layer of adhesive paper that held the popcorn texture to the ceiling. Either way, it needed to come down before the ceiling could be skimmed and painted. We purchased a yard sprayer from Lowes and mixed up a solution comprised of warm water and fabric softener. We sprayed it on the ceiling and then used a putty knife to scrape the paper off. Simple enough, but tedious – and messy!

4. More Fireplace Demo


I took the rest of the black tiles on the fireplace down with the handy sledgehammer. The tiles on the floor will have to be left to a mason because even with all my might, I couldn’t break up a single piece of it.

5. Major Bathroom Progress

By far the biggest project Jonathan and his dad tackled this weekend was removing the wall in the upstairs (technically master) bathroom. If you recall, the adjacent bedroom has a closet that shares a wall with the bathroom. That bedroom actually has two closets, so we decided to knock down the shared wall, eliminating a closet, but opening up the bathroom. DSC_0074DSC_0076^ Looking in the old closet door. We gained about 3 feet of bathroom space by utilizing the closet.DSC_0014We’ll move the bathtub back into the space that was once the closet, which will give us space for a vanity in the front of the bathroom, rather than the old pedestal sink.DSC_0088^ Under the bathroom tile is… no surprise…. more tile!DSC_0091^ Another injury sustained! This was a bad one and I thought it needed stitches, but we settled for butterfly bandaids.
DSC_0006^ I actually like this bathroom tile a lot. Isn’t it funny how trends come back around? I would be tempted to keep it, but it won’t work since we’re moving the tub back three feet.DSC_0009bathroomreno

To put things in perspective, the picture on the left is how the bathroom looked when we purchased the house, and the picture on the right is how things look right now. We’re making progress!

6. Front Porch Renderings

Here’s a refresher of what our front porch currently looks like:

DSC_0010We told our contractor that we’d like to add a little character to the front of the house so that it doesn’t just look like a sad square box. We knew that we wanted more substantial columns and some interest added to the roof line. Here are the two renderings that the architect sent back:frontrenderingWe know which option we like best, but I’d love to hear your input! Do you prefer one more than the other? Any feedback is welcome! :)



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