Yesterday I had the pleasure of guest posting for Janae of The Hungry Runner Girl.  Usually, when I write a guest post, I try to make sure and write something that I haven’t already shared on my own blog.  However, I made an exception this time and shared the recipe for the Cookie Dough Peanut Butter Cups that I made last week.  They were just that good.  You’ve likely already seen the recipe here, but if you are interested in seeing my guest post (kind of cool to see my little face on HRG :D), you may do so HERE.  If you have stumbled over here from The Hungry Runner Girl, welcome!  I hope you’ll like what you find and maybe even decide to stay a while. ;)


Last night I had plans to meet one of my good friends from high school for dinner in Carrboro, North Carolina (right outside of Chapel Hill).  I counted this as an opportunity to wear my white jeans that I searched for all summer.  I finally found the perfect pair at (none other than) J.Crew.  That place never steers me wrong.

We met for dinner at a Gastropub called Milltown.

Milltown has a great outdoor seating area and a drink list a mile long.  Seriously, the thing was like a novel!  I was kind of overwhelmed with all of the options, so I asked our waitress if she could recommend one of their ciders.  She did, but I forgot what it was called. :)  Hard to pronounce, but it tasted good!

I was very impressed with Milltown’s selection of vegetarian options!  I was debating between the Veggie Sliders and the Portabella Sandwich.  In the end I decided upon the Veggie Sliders – two mini lentil, leek, and basil burgers topped with Gruyere, wild mushrooms, and grilled onions, served with a side of sweet potato chips!  I’ve never had lentils or leeks before, so I was a little bit skeptical, but we both agreed that they were delicious!

After we finished our dinner, we still had lots to catch up on, so we headed to the world’s best place for frozen yogurt – Yogurt Pump.  I was full after dinner but couldn’t turn down YoPo when I was in the area… it only happens every so often!  I enjoyed a little bit of New York Cheese Cake frozen yogurt topped with Reese’s Cups.  This may be the first time in history, but I wasn’t able to finish my frozen yogurt. 8O

I left feeling very thankful for the fact that I have friends in my life that will always be there regardless of time or distance.  You know, the kinds of friends who you can always pick right back up where you left off with, no matter how long it’s been?  That’s a blessing, for sure.

Question Of The Day:

Do you still keep in touch with friends from high school?

Even though I’ve only been out of high school for 4 years, I’m pretty surprised at how few of my high school friends I have regular contact with.  I remember my mom telling me (when I was in high school) that a lot of my friendships would fade out eventually, but I didn’t really believe her.  Now that I’ve graduated from college, I see that she was right!  I guess people just go their own ways and do their own things… and that’s okay.  That is what makes the friendships that last all the more special!

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