Good morning!  How was your weekend?

I traveled back to home sweet Raleigh for the weekend because they were expecting things to get pretty bad with Hurricane Irene here in P-Town.  It was nice to get to see my friends and go to my church on Sunday, even though I had only been gone for 4 days. :D

Irene went pretty easy on Raleigh – just some rain and strong winds.  She did, however, provide some pretty cool skies.

… And I just realized that these pictures looked much cooler on my phone.  They look pretty blah on the computer.  Oh well!  Once I got back to P-Town today, I was glad that I “evacuated” for the weekend!  Trees were down everywhere and the house I am living in was without power most of the weekend.  Besides avoiding hurricanes, I’ve mostly been trying to conquer this full-blown addiction:

Iced Coffee – where did you come from and how did I begin to like you?  I think it has something to do with waking up at 4:45 am.  Neither my stomach nor my bank account can handle this addiction so I’m trying to beat it while it is young… we shall see.

Well, I have a “meet and greet” with the entire children’s hospital staff this morning, so I must go make myself presentable!  Hopefully I won’t say anything really dumb. ;)  Have a great day!

Question Of The Day:

Coffee – yay or nay?  If yay, how do you like it prepared?

22 Responses to A Weekend With Irene.

  • Gloria says:

    Hi Laura, glad to hear you and your family made it safely through the hurricane! As far as coffee is concerned, I love it either way, though I prefer iced almost always (even during the New England winter haha). Just a little tip to fuel your latest addiction: I make a huge pot of coffee in the beginning of the week and leave it in a pitcher in my fridge so I have iced coffee all week! It saves a lot of money. I also used a reusable plastic tumbler I got at Target which is perfect for iced drinks. Anyway, good luck today! You’ll do great!

  • I’m so glad to hear that you’re okay after the storm! Good call on going home.

    Have fun meeting the children’s hospital staff!

    I LOVE coffee. Starbucks is my favorite, and I like it iced with a splash of half and half, or a triple grande (3 shots in a medium cup) soy latte.

    And the pumpkin spice latte that arrives next week! You have to try it!

    I make iced coffee at home for a fraction of the price! It’s not AS good…but hey, it’s cheap.
    Laura @ LauraLikesDesign recently posted..Pack Up and Start a New LifeMy Profile

  • Aileen says:

    Coffee!! I have to have it every day. I like Whole Foods brand with agave nectar and a grind or two of TJs choc, coffee bean, & sugar grinder.

    I do like Via Caramel iced coffee for a change of pace. Also, if you have a chance, stop by Whole Foods and get a skim mocha! So delicious!
    Aileen recently posted..Our Dream Destination Wedding…part two.My Profile

  • Sally says:

    YAY for coffee!!! Just order it “skinny” and they will use skim milk, or get soy milk and it really cuts down the cals and its not all that bad for ya. Also you must try Dunkin’ Donuts coffee… uh its so good.
    Sally recently posted..One DayMy Profile

  • courtney. says:

    Yayyayayayayaya for coffee. Regular/House Blend with a splash of creamer and a small amount of sugar… changes things from good to great. Also, with lattes — I agree with Sally — order “skinny” & you don’t feel as bad for putting the word “caramel” in front of your drink order! :)
    courtney. recently posted..the one for a random photo dump.My Profile

  • stephanie says:

    iced coffee is amazing, but I make my own because I refuse to pay so much for it every day. I brew a pot and put it in the fridge to pour each day. I also add flavored syrups (you can buy the same ones that coffee shops use at places like World Market)
    stephanie recently posted..Technology FreeMy Profile

  • Bethany says:

    I’ve gone back and forth on coffee. But after not having coffee for a few months and trying to drink it again I realized it made me feel very jittery.I’m just a tea drinker now and have found several yummy varieties. I drink it with a splash of vanilla almond milk and two Splenda packets or agave nectar. Yum!
    Bethany recently posted..{ Smoothies }My Profile

  • Linda Kiser says:

    So very glad you are safe!!! I LOVE iced coffee. McDonalds has great iced coffee and much easier on the pocket book. I enjoy coffee just about anyway it can be made!!! I hope the move has been going well.

  • I love meet and greets! I haven’t hoped on the iced coffee train this summer, but I have been trying to switch to green tea instead of coffee. That actually only lasted a couple days. I love waking up to a hot cup of black coffee…yummm :) But once in a blue moon I do like a little cream and sugar when I’m craving something sweet!
    sMILES from Callie recently posted..Meatless MondayMy Profile

  • I LOVE coffee!! And iced coffee is such a treat. Normally I make my own coffee but on Fridays I typically treat myself to an iced coffee from Starbucks. For the longest time I would get the iced lattes, but realized that iced coffee is about half the price and just as good. My favorite is an iced skinny hazelnut coffee. YUM!
    Kristin @ Mugs & Pugs recently posted..Pug-Approved WeekendMy Profile

  • jenn says:

    coffee is a big YAY for me… i drink multiple cups a day.. usually make it at home and use some flavored creamer. or if i go to starbucks i get a hazelnut coffee – yum.

    glad irene didn’t leave tooo much damage, at least compared to other places and what she could’ve done! i was glued to my tv watchin the weatherman out on the coasts and seeing the what was goin on.

  • Loren says:

    Hey Laura! I love reading your blog. This is my first comment on here. Iced coffee from Starbucks is my favorite!! It doesn’t help that I work odd hours and there is a Starbucks inside the hospital that I work at. Have you tried the instant iced coffee from Starbucks? I buy them in bulk, it’s a little cheaper and you can keep it in your purse to have anytime!

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