Today: An ode to yet another Charlotte favorite. unnamed-4

Sunflour baking company looks completely unassuming on the outside. It’s tucked in a drab little shopping center, sandwiched in between a nail salon and a shady looking Chinese restaurant. But the inside? Magic. unnamedThe pastry cases are full of amazing looking goodies. The current object of my affection is the peanut butter cup cupcake. Doesn’t that look amazing? I’m planning to try it in celebration of my birthday next week. unnamed-1Last weekend, my roommate Haley and I walked to Sunflour for a late breakfast. Yep, walked. Because our neighborhood is amazing. The cheddar biscuits were yelling, “EATTTT MEEEEE,” I couldn’t deny them any longer. unnamed-2Bacon, egg, and cheese on a cheddar biscuit = amazing. Add a cup of coffee and a great friend and you’ve got yourself a perfect Saturday morning. There are a million more menu items I’d like to try – homemade pop tarts! morning glory muffins! those giant sweet rolls you see in the picture above! – so check back soon.


Favorite breakfast spot – GO!signature4

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