Can we please discuss how glorious Christmas break was? I had 4 vacation days left and I used them all up to take a full week off. It was pretty incredible. One of the highlights was going to RayLen Vineyards with one of my friends from high school.

I’d never been to a vineyard before, and I certainly didn’t know that there was one in my hometown! We started out with a wine tasting and chose the Complete Flight, made up of reds, whites, and a few special reserves. For only $10, it was a serious steal.

I liked the little animal crackers that they gave you to munch on in between glasses. Apparently they help to cleanse your palette and enhance the subtle flavors of different wines.


I’m not refined enough to recognize all of the slight differences and tiny nuances, but it was fun to get to taste some wines that I’d never tried before!


We had a little sheet with all 16 wines listed, and we rated each one on a scale of 1 t0 10. My two favorites were the 2012 Reisling (8.7) – no surprise there, Reisling is my favorite – and the 2012 Category 5 (8.5). DSC_0058

After the tasting we bought a bottle of Category 5 to share and headed outside to explore the vineyard.


Even though it was chilly and the vines were bare, it was still a lot of fun to walk around the grounds. DSC_0071

RayLen even has a lake with a little wooden dock, which made for a pretty scenic spot to sit and talk.


We stayed outside until are glasses were empty and our fingers were numb. DSC_0083

Herringbone vest from a recent Stitch Fix box. I owe you guys some Stitch Fix posts!

The sun was going down just as we were leaving so we were lucky enough to catch a gorgeous sunset.

DSC_0114Winston-Salem friends, if you’re ever looking for something fun to do, I’d highly suggest taking a trip to RayLen. I know they do all sorts of events – tours, outdoor concerts, dinners, etc… – so hopefully I’ll be back soon!


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